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“Enium is committed to presenting ways for our customers to be environmentally aware and fiscally responsible by providing financial solutions with integrity to each and every customer, one project at a time.”

“Enium is more than a company. We are a movement, a step forward in the right direction. Solar is the future, and we want to make it attainable for anyone interested in helping our environment thrive for years to come. Solar is the key to a healthier, more sustainable planet, something that future generations can continue to enjoy.
As an organization committed to greatness through renewable energy, we will do all that we can to make sure you can achieve a more natural and cost-efficient way of living. Our goal is to help you preserve the environment, while also giving you the financial freedom to live a comfortable life. We will help you take the first step into the world of solar.”

Gary Schmeichel
Co-Founder | CEO


In January of 2013, Gary Schmeichel and his partners had a vision: solar financing for anyone interested in saving money on ever increasing power rates, a well as a brighter future for our planet. This vision was the beginning of Enium.

Knowing this would require more than just loan programs, Gary and his partners began to assemble a team of specialists committed to their vision. From humble beginnings in Utah, the company rapidly spread to other states across the nation within just a few short years. Today, a customer can find an Enium approved contractor installing in their area.

Natural energy sources are what keeps this planet alive. From the winds in the air to the sun in the sky, nature provides us with inexhaustible energy sources that are all around us. Half a million people around the world are using the sun to power their home. At Enium, we are determined to help you save money, while preserving this beautiful planet. Solar power is an easy change to make, and can be the first step to a cleaner, healthier way of life. Let us help you put it to use for you and your family.

Natural and renewable energy sources have always been around. From the oceans waves to the winds in the sky, nature provides us with inexhaustible energy sources. The sun has proven to be one of the greatest gifts to us, and it’s time we put it to use. We here at Enium are determined to help you save money while saving the environment. Solar energy is the first step into a cleaner, healthier way of life. Will you make the switch and become part of a brighter future? If so, let us help you make the leap into the world of solar.