Benefits Outweigh the Cost When Investing in Solar Energy

Investing in solar energy can seem rather costly. The average U.S. solar panel system cost ranges between $10,000 to $13,000. Why should you invest in solar energy when there are hundreds of other things you’d probably rather spend your money on?

It is important to remember you can invest in a solar power loan. Elements Capital Group will lend money on bankable solar projects. While the initial cost may be high, the benefits of solar energy outweigh the cost.

Value of Your Home

The installation of solar panels on your home will increase the value of your home. No matter if you just moved in, or are planning on selling your home in the near future, there is significant property value increase when solar panels are installed.

Electric Bill

The greatest benefit of solar panels is they will reduce your monthly electric bill. Installing solar panels on your home makes it so you create your own electricity. While you may have to take out a solar loan to invest in solar energy, a solar panel system lasts anywhere between 25-30 years so you can cut your electricity bill down for a significant amount of time by going solar.

Rising Energy Costs

Electricity continues to increase in cost. In the past decade, the cost of electricity has risen while the cost of solar has decreased by 70 percent. As solar energy continues to become more and more popular, the government is adapting to renewable energy and setting goals to reduce greenhouse emissions.

There are many benefits of investing in solar energy, but even still, there are a few disadvantages. Some of these disadvantages are that rooftop solar panels don’t work for every type of roof, finding good installers can be difficult, and the up-front cost may be too high.

Elements Capital Group can help with some of these disadvantages. We find the best contractors that are financially stable and we can provide you with solar loans. Don’t let the initial cost of solar panels scare you. The benefits definitely outweigh the cost.


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