New Incentives to Make the Switch to Solar Easier

With the heat on the rise, Utah is making it easier for business and homeowners to have solar panels installed. Through the Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit Program, Utahns can install panels at affordable rates and can receive a tax credit up to 25 percent of costs for installation and system components. The Benefits  [...]

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Tesla’s New Solar Powered Roof Shingles

Solar is the new black, which means it was only a matter of time before solar roof shingles were invented. Now, thanks to the merging of the two companies, Tesla and SolarCity, it is now possible to have stylish and energy efficient roofing that powers your house’s electricity. Now, with Tesla’s Solar Roof, solar financing [...]

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Are Printable Solar Cells the Future of Clean Energy?

Imagine the possibility of any surface being transformed into a solar panel? When you think of solar panels, you probably think of the big and bulky boxes of cells placed on the roof of a home. With the most recent breakthrough in solar technology, panels will be printable to effectively fit any surface. The Cheapest [...]

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Penn State Introduces Industry-Changing Solar Device

Many of the greatest advancements in solar energy come from universities, where professors and students can come together and research creative solutions to the world’s energy problems. One of the latest innovations from Penn State University could dramatically influence the future of the solar energy industry. In an industry that is shaped by solar loans [...]

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Scientists Create Flexible Solar Panels Thinner Than a Human Hair

Scientists are breaking solar barriers in technology, making solar loans more and more affordable to consumers today. Most recently, scientists have created a photovoltaic cell so thin and flexible that it can wrap around the diameter of a pencil. This recent break-through not only expands the versatility of solar panels, but it also diminishes the [...]

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Women Fight for Solar Energy

The State of Florida ranks third in the United States as the state with the largest number of residential electricity consumers. Still, less than one percent of those consumers utilize solar financing to install solar panels. Why the reluctance to join the clean energy revolution? The Florida League of Women Voters believes a lack of [...]

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The Future of Solar Energy: Solar-Powered Flying Carpets

Time travel, inter-galactic spaceships and flying carpets — if you had to guess which one of these will be invented in the near future, what would your best guess be? Well, although they might not technically be made out of actual carpets, the Space Solar Power Initiative (SSPI) has proposed the development of flying carpets [...]

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The Next Solar Frontier: Low-Income Communities

Over the decades, solar panels have brought clean energy to everyone from large corporations and homeowners to astronauts on the International Space Station. By 2020, more than a million American homes and businesses will have incorporated solar — thanks in large part to plummeting costs and increased availability of solar loans and other financing. Solar [...]

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Nearly 100 Million Homes to Run Entirely on Solar by 2020

Nearly 100 million solar panels around the world may be powered exclusively by solar energy by 2020, according to a recent report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The news comes as solar energy prices drop to historic levels around the world, and your average American household can now afford solar panels with limited solar financing. [...]

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