Benefits of 2017 Solar Panel Designs

Solar panels have been around since 1876 and since then we have created hundreds of solar panel designs. As time goes on we continue to make improvements to the previous design. The different designs are used all around the globe from Utah to the “Great White North.” With all of these new technological designs, how [...]

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Benefits Outweigh the Cost When Investing in Solar Energy

Investing in solar energy can seem rather costly. The average U.S. solar panel system cost ranges between $10,000 to $13,000. Why should you invest in solar energy when there are hundreds of other things you'd probably rather spend your money on? It is important to remember you can invest in a solar power loan. Elements [...]

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Pollution Affecting Solar Panel Effectiveness

Solar panels are going up all over the country. If you have thought about getting solar panels, currently there are great rates available for solar loans and solar financing. Solar panels have overcome many hurdles, but a recent study shows that there is a new challenge that is facing solar panels, pollution. It is ironic [...]

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How Much Solar Energy Is Needed?

The idea of solar financing is confusing. The amount of solar energy needed to power different aspects of one’s life is ambiguous. This is mostly because the big, beautiful ball of energy in the sky is a mystery to most people. The sun has incredible power, and would help us electrify each aspect of our [...]

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Why You Should Consider Solar Panels for Your Home

With threats of climate change becoming increasingly popular, many are starting to worry about how they pose as threats and are trying to be more eco-friendly. Over the years, installing solar panels as a way to reduce energy usage and costs have become increasingly popular. The United States has experienced an average growth of 40 [...]

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How Air Pollution Cuts Solar Panel Efficiency

With more people changing over to solar energy, solar financing has become a crucial step in preparing for the big switch. Solar power reduces the need for fossil fuels, improving our air quality and ultimately strengthening our planet’s health. However, not everyone is fond of the idea of using the sun as our main source [...]

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Countries That Use the Most Solar Energy

Alternative energy is becoming increasingly popular. Many countries are trying to decrease their reliance on fossil fuels. Solar energy is one of the most popular ways to generate renewable energy. Other sources — such as geothermal, hydro-electric and wind farms — require special conditions. All solar energy requires is the installation of solar panels. Now [...]

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