Solar Energy in California

Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular as a form of renewable energy. Solar energy can be used to power cars, lights, homes and other household gadgets. In fact, many people across the U.S. are applying for solar loans in order to get panels on their home and business. In other cases, some states like California, [...]

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What Is Solar Power, and How Does It Work?

Ah, solar energy: The single most abundant source of energy on the planet. As humble residents of Earth, humans rely on the energy of the sun to warm our oceans, grow our crops and light up our world. With the plummeting costs of solar panels and an increased availability of solar loans and financing, solar [...]

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How Do Solar Panels Really Affect the Environment?

Solar energy is, without a doubt, the world’s most abundant source of renewable power. What could be better than this? In addition to helping solve the current energy crisis, solar panels have another hidden secret. A recent study revealed that solar panels can cause regional cooling during the process of converting sunlight into electricity. At [...]

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