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Enium transforms the solar industry by fostering collaboration and ensuring its long-term viability. As an integrator, we bridge the gap between various stakeholders, facilitating partnerships and generating value for all involved. Our commitment lies in cultivating a transparent and fair ecosystem that eradicates unethical business practices and instead promotes a better alternative. By striving for collective success, we pave the path towards enduring energy independence for generations to come.

02 Partnership

Enium’s dedication to long-term partnerships reflects our mission to change the solar industry for the better. With Enium, dealers see lower rates of cancellation, participate in profit-sharing, and work with us to make our systems and processes work for them.

03 Opportunity

Solar energy is a new and essential addition to the energy sector, but it can be challenging to navigate the unfamiliarity of a booming industry. Enium is here to make joining the sector easier, as well as create exciting opportunities to expand and improve the solar energy ecosystem.

At Enium, we care about people. Our dedication to supporting dealers and customers is our main focus.

We are in it with you

We are more than a vendor, we are partners. We work alongside you to solve your financing issues and offer support. With Enium, you are never alone.

“Enium has a very pragmatic approach to how they conduct their work, but with a personal feel. It's been obvious from working with them for several years now that their systems, processes, and tools continue to be further refined and improved. This then is magnified tenfold by all the people on the other end of the phone who have always done their part to completely follow through."

Hans Verkler

Enium Dealer Partner

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