We make what can be a complicated process clear and simple. Enium’s vertical integration and proven partnerships accelerate fulfillment to get panels on homes and customers off-the-grid in weeks, not months. We provide real support for reps, installers and customers with real people who answer questions the same day and work to resolve any issues.


Enium has access to a wide variety of solar systems and diverse financing options. Our expert dealer partners tailor the buying experience by taking time to understand each household's unique energy requirements and financial circumstances before matching them to the right system, configuration, and financing.


Drawing on a decade of trusted relationships, we enable homeowners to go off-grid and reduce energy costs to zero, empower employees, equip sales representatives with expert support, ensure installers have what they need to get glass on the roof, and aid lenders in ushering in the new age of clean energy.

Renewable energy is a critical component of a sustainable future, offering a reliable source of power that can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and costly traditional energy systems.

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