Tesla’s New Solar Powered Roof Shingles

Solar is the new black, which means it was only a matter of time before solar roof shingles were invented. Now, thanks to the merging of the two companies, Tesla and SolarCity, it is now possible to have stylish and energy efficient roofing that powers your house’s electricity. Now, with Tesla’s Solar Roof, solar financing [...]

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The Benefits of Solar Cooking

Solar power is showing great potential in becoming a reliable energy source for future generations. Not only is solar creating more jobs than coal, but it also reduces pollution and can greatly improve our environment. Solar financing has become widely available — from Utah to the East Coast— for those who want to install solar [...]

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Why You Should Consider Solar Panels for Your Home

With threats of climate change becoming increasingly popular, many are starting to worry about how they pose as threats and are trying to be more eco-friendly. Over the years, installing solar panels as a way to reduce energy usage and costs have become increasingly popular. The United States has experienced an average growth of 40 [...]

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Solar Power Industry Facts

Solar power is rising in popularity. It is a renewable energy and is a good investment. Buyers of solar power will receive federal and state tax credits and significantly lower their monthly power bill. While this sound wonderful for all buyers, the initial cost of solar power may be a hefty cost. Here at Elements [...]

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Becoming a Healthier, Greener You

As a child, you were told not to waste food. As an adult, there is a constant reminder of reducing your carbon footprint. More businesses and communities are becoming aware of their own footprints and are finding ways to reduce them like installing solar panels. Although the upfront costs can be high, there are ways [...]

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Breakdown of the Speed of Light

You’ve heard about the speed of light since you started school, but often in vague terms. You may have even calculated light years without a concrete grasp on the concept. Yet after the years of rumination — trying to comprehend the fact that some of the stars we are looking at now have already exploded [...]

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How Air Pollution Cuts Solar Panel Efficiency

With more people changing over to solar energy, solar financing has become a crucial step in preparing for the big switch. Solar power reduces the need for fossil fuels, improving our air quality and ultimately strengthening our planet’s health. However, not everyone is fond of the idea of using the sun as our main source [...]

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Countries That Use the Most Solar Energy

Alternative energy is becoming increasingly popular. Many countries are trying to decrease their reliance on fossil fuels. Solar energy is one of the most popular ways to generate renewable energy. Other sources — such as geothermal, hydro-electric and wind farms — require special conditions. All solar energy requires is the installation of solar panels. Now [...]

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